Water Conservation

Water conservation, optimal utilization and management of water are not only vital for economic development but also for the very survival of living being. For sustainable development it is necessary to ensure availability of water for future generations. The withdrawal of fresh water from an ecosystem should not exceed its natural replenish rate. A growing world population, a changing climate and higher standards of living only intensify the pressure on already scarce resources. The company is conscious of the fact that water resources are depleting globally which could raise conflict of water usage among industry and public. The Company is continuously striving to follow best practices in conserving water by adopting various measures in all its operations and follow Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Strategy to maximize water recycling using latest technology. The sewage is separately treated in Sewage Treatment Plants and utilized for irrigation purposes to reduce the demand for fresh water intake. The Company has implemented rain water harvesting projects inside the premises as well as off-site around the sites to conserve water and rejuvenate ground water by adopting ponds in the villages around which we operate. There has been a considerable reduction in terms of water year on year. We have achieved reduction in water consumption of over 60% during last two decade at our Kota site by adding re-circulating cooling towers instead of once through cooling systems, recycling/reuse of treated effluents, increase in COC in existing cooling towers, integrating water usage across unit process operations etc. We are continuously working on reduction of water consumption and reduction of effluent generation.

As part of its EHS improvement program, the company has instituted aggressive water minimization and recycling programs at Bharuch and Kota facilities. Annually, rainwater harvesting programs at Bharuch and Kota contribute saving of water approximately 65,000 KL and 450,000 KL, respectively. This has not only helped in conserving water but also helped in recharging groundwater benefiting the community in the vicinity.

The Company puts continuous efforts in raising awareness among farmers to enhance sugarcane yield, use non-chemical pest control and promoting use of bio-compost. This helps in providing better returns to farming community with increased productivity and also enhances soil fertility, protect and preserve environment from undue chemicals.