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About Us
About Us

It’s about trust

Meet a company that is known for its values and businesses which play a key role in India’s growth story across the verticals of Agri-Rural, Chloro-Vinyl and Value Added.

DCM Shriram Leadership

What happens when a company with humble beginnings grows to become a leading business conglomerate with a group turnover of Rs. 11,431 crores? Does it remain grounded or rather can it remain grounded? It is pleasing to see that DCM Shriram, a spin-off from trifurcation of the reputed erstwhile DCM Group in 1990 has managed to do just that. The company is managed by Mr. Ajay S. Shriram, Chairman & Senior Managing Director, Mr. Vikram S. Shriram, Vice Chairman & Managing Director and Mr Ajit. S. Shriram, Joint Managing Director along with a highly professional executive team.

The business portfolio of DCM Shriram spans across multiple sectors including the Agri-Rural Business - Urea, Sugar, Ethanol, Farm Solution Business covering entire range of inputs, R&D based Hybrid Seeds. Chloro-Vinyl Business – Caustic Soda, Chlorine, Aluminum Chloride, Calcium Carbide, PVC Resins, PVC Compounds, Power and Cement. And Value Added Business Fenesta Building Systems makes UPVC and Aluminium Windows & Doors.

Agri-Rural Business
Our Businesses
Agri-Rural Business

Urea, Sugar, Ethanol, Farm Solution Business covering entire range of inputs, R&D based Hybrid Seeds

Chloro-Vinyl Business
Our Businesses
Chloro-Vinyl Business

Caustic Soda, Chlorine, Aluminum Chloride, Calcium Carbide, PVC Resins, PVC Compounds, Power and Cement.

Value Added Business
Our Businesses
Value Added Business

Fenesta Building Systems, UPVC & Aluminium Doors & Windows


DCM Shriram has manufacturing facilities of Fertilizer, Chloro-Vinyl & Cement in Kota (Rajasthan) and of Chlor-Alkali in Bharuch (Gujarat). The company operates coal-based captive power, facilities - in Kota and Bharuch rated at 263 MW. The Urea plant in Kota has a production capacity of 379,500 TPA & a combined Chlor-Alkali capacity of 1845 TPD in Kota & Bharuch. DCM Shriram Sugar factories are located in Ajbapur, Rupapur, Hariawan and Loni in Uttar Pradesh, with a combined installed capacity of 41,000 TCD (tonnes crushed of sugarcane daily) and a power-generating capacity of 166 MW.

It also operates three Distilleries with 560 KLD capacity. The Hybrid seed operations- ‘Bioseed’, R&D facility is in Hyderabad (India) and has an international presence in Philippines too. Fenesta Building Systems has 1 extrusion plant in Kota and 6 fabrication units in Bhiwadi, Chennai, Bhubaneswar and Hyderabad.

DCM Shriram Presence
DCM Shriram Business strategy

Business strategy

DCM Shriram Ltd. is a conglomerate that optimises the benefits of diversification and integration. Over the years the company has built multiple self-sustaining businesses that operate as Strategic Business Units with their own organisation structure giving them flexibility to operate and grow.

The growth philosophy revolves around increasing scale and integration, exploring opportunities in adjacent businesses, optimising innovation and cost and the circular economy. These strategic directions are supported by pillars of financial discipline, ESG and digital focus. We believe that this framework will help the company to grow at a consistent pace and in a sustainable way.

DCM Shriram Outlook


The business environment in recent years has been very complex for a variety of social and geopolitical reasons. DCM Shriram has not only been resilient during a tough operating environment but also its businesses have emerged stronger. This would have not been possible without the group's relentless efforts in increasing scale, multiple revenue streams, optimizing costs, building efficiencies & flexibilities in the businesses and more importantly the financial discipline.

The Chemicals is one of our largest businesses and has given us good returns over the period and is expected to continue as one of the key growth drivers for the Company. We are the second largest Caustic Soda producer in the country. We have and will continue to invest in order to increase scale, reduce costs and add multiple revenue streams to enable growth and add value to this business.

  • Rs. 35 billion investments are underway directed towards integration, scale, innovation, resource optimization and sustainability primarily in Chemicals and Sugar
  • Strong Balance sheet supporting further investments
  • Expansion of Caustic Soda
  • Commissioning of Stable Bleaching Powder expansion project
  • Commissioning of County Liquor plant at Sugar Unit - Hariawan
  • 2nd largest Caustic Soda producer in the country. Expansion of Caustic Soda in Bharuch & Power plant in Kota.
  • Two new Ethanol Distilleries were set up in Sugar mills
  • Significant investments in cost optimization
  • Strengthened Balance Sheet
  • Rationalized Rural Retail, Bioseed International and Bulk fertilizers
  • Ownership of Kota Complex with Fertilizer, Cement & Chloro-Vinyl businesses, DCM Silk Mills and Swatantra Bharat Mills (SBM)
  • Ventured new businesses of Hybrid Seeds (Bioseed)
  • New Caustic Soda (CS) facility in Bharuch
  • Commissioned Sugar Unit - Ajbapur in the state of Uttar Pradesh
  • Expanded all businesses in Kota & Bharuch except Fertilizers
  • Ventured new businesses of uPVC windows (Fenesta) and Rural Retail (Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar)
  • Acquired Sugar Unit - Rupapur & expanded Sugar Unit – Ajbapur. Set up two new Sugar plants, Hariawan & Loni, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. 5th largest Sugar producer in country
  • Closed SBM