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DCM Shriram Agri-Rural Business
Our Businesses

Agri-Rural Business

Urea, Sugar, Ethanol, Farm Solution Business covering
entire range of inputs, R&D based Hybrid Seeds.

Agri-Rural Business

Agriculture is one of the pillars of Indian economy, and a high potential area that offers immense opportunities for growth. At DCM Shriram, we have gained farming knowledge and built a strong relationship with farmers over the decades, through our various agri-businesses. Therefore today we are well poised to capitalise on the emerging opportunities in this sector.


DCM Shriram Urea

Since we started Urea business, our endeavour has been to help the farmers reap bumper harvests year after year.

Urea brand, ‘SHRIRAM' has developed a strong presence in the rural market over the last 4 decades of operations, and today it symbolises premium quality, reliability and trust. It is manufactured at our Urea plant in Kota that has a production capacity of 379,500 TPA. The Ammonia Urea complex comprises of a Urea plant based on Stamicarbon technology and an equivalent Ammonia plant based on Haldor Topsoe’s technology.

DCM Shriram Urea

In line with our intent to continuously adopt better manufacturing practices and feedstock options, we have converted the plant into dual feed. The feedstock of our plant was changed in 2007 from Naphtha to Natural Gas. From 2008; we have been operating fully on gas and continue to manufacture premium quality Urea in an efficient and environment friendly manner, consistently winning awards for productivity, environment protection and safety.


DCM Shriram Sugar

DCM Shriram Ltd. entered the sugar business in 1997 with its first sugar manufacturing unit at Ajbapur in Lakhimpur Kheri District, followed by other manufacturing units at Rupapur, Hariawan and Loni, in Hardoi District of Uttar Pradesh. We are India's leading integrated sugar producer, focused on creating a green and sustainable sugar industry. We have expanded our portfolio beyond sugar to become a major bio-energy producer, generating Green Power and Ethanol. At DCM Shriram Ltd. Sugar & Distillery, we are committed to contributing to a circular economy by adding value throughout the entire value chain. We have an installed co-generation capacity of 166 MW, out of which we supply some renewable energy to the national grid and the rest is for captive use. Each of these units has invested in state-of-the-art technology that gives us one of the best manufacturing efficiencies in the country.

DCM Shriram Sugar

We have put in place rigorous quality systems that have won us ISO Certification for Quality (ISO 9000), Environment (ISO 14000), and Health & Safety (OHSAS 18000). At DCM Shriram, we lay major emphasis on regular interaction with farmers for the development of cane quality in our cane command area. Today, we work with approximately 2,50,000 farmers and have an installed capacity of 41,000 TCD, crushing around 6.5 million tonnes of cane annually from our manufacturing units. It is also supported by a 560 KLD Distillery capacity.

For further information please log on to www.dcmshriramsugar.com

Farm Solutions

DCM Shriram Farm Solutions

At DCM Shriram, our motto is to offer a range of Science backed agri-inputs designed keeping the farmer and their prosperity in mind

Today’s farmers are more open to change than ever before and these newer needs of modern farmers can only be met through a complete and unwavering commitment to science, research, and development. This is exactly what we have been doing for five decades at Shriram.

We offer science-backed products in Seeds, Specialty Plant Nutrition Products, Crop Protection Chemicals and Urea that can help the farmers tackle emerging agricultural problems like climate change, nutrient use efficiency, and deteriorating soil health. All with the aim of leading them to sustainable agriculture.

DCM Shriram Farm Solutions

We believe these new generation products coupled with relevant knowledge through a network of experienced agri-advisors and trusted channel partners will help farmers tackle emerging problems and find success at every step on their journey.

For further information please log on to www.shriramfarmsolutions.com

Hybrid Seeds | Bioseed

DCM Shriram Hybrid Seeds, Bioseed

Bioseed owns a vast pool of germplasm, among the richest in the world. The gene pool has sprouted one of the highest success rates in all of Asia.

Bioseed has a strong presence in India and also extended its coverage to The Philippines. The company's spread across geographies allows cross-fertilization of ideas.

The yield: Unique biotechnology-based solutions for the benefit of countries with similar climatic and soil conditions.

The mission: Empowering farmers with high-yielding solutions of the future, from the right hybrids to better cultivation techniques.

DCM Shriram Hybrid Seeds, Bioseed

Bioseed is one of a handful of biotechnology companies with expertise across the board: Research and development, field and lab testing, data review, production, farm management and farmer interaction.

For further information please log on to www.bioseed.com