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DCM Shriram Culture

A way of life

Culture does not make people. People make culture.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

DCM Shriram Culture

At DCM Shriram, our journey has been anchored in our core values, which have held us steady through the ebbs and flows of time. Our culture is defined by these values of Integrity, Agility, Customer Centricity, Teamwork, Openness, and Newness. These values are collectively held but are also layered with individual interpretations, creating a splendored amalgam of subtle, and multiple hues that give shape to our culture.

Our values have been the guiding force behind our success and have helped shape our legacy as an organization. Our culture encourages conversations, fosters trust, and instils collective responsibility, enabling us to make swift decisions and reveal creative insights. We believe that these values have nurtured and held close all that is human, making us more than just a business but a community of like-minded individuals with a shared sense of purpose.

Our employees share a deep sense of loyalty and commitment to our organization and its mission. We measure our success not only by our financial performance but also by the impact we have on our customers, employees, and the communities in which we operate.

We believe in fostering innovation and creativity by encouraging experimentation, which equips our employees with ample opportunities and professional freedom to turn radical ideas into reality.

We believe that providing a conducive work environment centered around physical, mental, and emotional well-being is key to building a workplace where employees can be the best version of themselves. We also recognize the importance of building collaboration by promoting equality, dignity, and respect among employees. This not only enables us to work better as a team but also helps us attract and retain diverse talent, creating a more dynamic and inclusive work culture.

Connecting beyond work

Connecting with employees beyond work is an essential aspect of fostering a positive work culture and boosting employee engagement. At DCM Shriram, we recognize the importance of creating a sense of community and belonging among our employees. We do this through various programs such as founder's day celebration, sports meets, family days, and more.

These engagements promote interaction, team-building, and an opportunity to connect with employees' families.