The culture at DCM Shriram, put simply, is to have a genuine, authentic and personalised relationship with the employees, along with an enabling environment, characterised by professional freedom and respect at the work place.

The effort is not just to touch the professional lives but also the personal lives of the individual employees, along with an environment which allows them to give out their best.

The approach is to design and implement such people programs, processes and policies that build and nurture high level of engagement of the employees with the Organisation and its business challenges. It’s also about offering opportunities wherein the people are able to realize their potential to the maximum and contribute to the fullest - thereby leading to the fulfillment of their professional and personal aspirations of being able to learn, contribute and make an impact.

The HR philosophy and approach at DCM Shriram can be summarized in the following points

  • Developing a customized, experiential, contextualized, home grown approach to people
  • Creating an intrinsic desire to stay long-term with the Organisation
  • Building pride and self motivation
  • Showing sensitivity, care and concern
  • Managing aspirations comprehensively, beyond money
  • Nurturing a family spirit; relationship beyond the work place
  • Building authentic and genuine connectivity with people