Mr. Vikram S. Shriram Vice Chairman and Managing Director-DCM Shriram Ltd

Mr. Vikram S. Shriram

Vice Chairman & Managing Director-DCM Shriram Ltd.

Mr. Vikram S. Shriram is Vice Chairman and Managing Director, DCM Shriram Ltd.

Mr. Vikram Shriram had his primary education at Mayo College, Ajmer. He did his graduation with Honours in Commerce from Calcutta University. An Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, he has attended various training and Management Development programmes in India and abroad.

In accordance with the tradition of the group, Mr.Shriram went through training in various key functions at various locations within the group .He started his career with SRF Group, moved to Shriram Bearing Ltd. Ranchi in 1981. As part of the senior management team, he was responsible for General management, Works and Marketing management.

In September 2001, he took over as Vice Chairman and Managing Director of DCM Shriram Ltd.

Mr. Shriram has a rich experience in Project Management, Strategic Planning, Marketing and General Management, besides an inherent flair for Finance & Accounts. A good administrator, he acts as an enabler and motivates the team all the time. He is excellent in his interpersonal relations and encourages free flow of exchange of thoughts. He is of the view that delegation of responsibility and authority maximizes results and enriches the development of the team. He has tremendous analytical ability to evaluate & come to the crux of the matter.

Mr. Shriram enjoys and respects the family ties and its values. In his leisure, he enjoys being with the family, swimming and cooking. He complements his elder brother Mr Ajay Shriram- CMD at DCM Shriram Ltd. and provides all the support in business & in inculcating family value systems.