Mr. Aditya A. Shriram Deputy Managing Director

Mr. Aditya A. Shriram

Deputy Managing Director

With degrees in Engineering from Cornell University and experience as a derivatives trader in Amsterdam, Aditya Shriram returned to India in 2005 to begin learning about his family business, DCM Shriram, at the grassroots level at their cement factory in Kota, Rajasthan. Gradually taking on responsibilities in functional areas such as procurement, operations and marketing, he introduced innovative methods in dealing with everyday issues.

After gaining further exposure in DCM Shriram’s Crop Care Chemicals and Seeds verticals, he completed an MBA at the London Business School in 2014 and then returned to play a more active role in the Chemicals vertical (Chlor-Vinyl Business) being responsible for the growth across the business vertical in the last few years.