Waste minimization Initiatives

The Company focuses on effective integration with the basic philosophy of resource optimisation, use of alternative sources and maximisation of “recycle and reuse” by innovation.

Following waste/by-product materials are recycled for gainful utilization as input/raw materials:

  • Lime sludge (hydrated lime) from generation of acetylene for gainful utilization in the cement manufacture at the same site.
  • The fly ash from captive power plant is also being used in the Cement manufacturing.
  • Bagasse generated during manufacturing of sugar in all four units of DSCL is used for steam & power generation for captive consumption as well as for export to the state grid in UP.
  • Effluent from Urea plant is recycled back to ammonia plant for using as Boiler Feed Water which is almost 9% of the total water consumption in the plant.
  • In sugar plants, pressmud and ash are mixed for distribution to farmers as manure at subsidized rates.
  • Molasses based distillery unit has been installed at one of our Sugar sites utilizing the molasses waste generated from sugar mill for producing Ethyl alcohol. Slop generated from the distillery spent wash concentration in Multi-Effect Evaporators is mixed with bagasse which is used in boiler as a fuel.