Since we started Urea business, our endeavour has been to help the farmers reap bumper harvests year after year. Our Urea brand,‘SHRIRAM' has developed a strong presence in the rural market over the last 4 decades of operations, and today it symbolises premium quality, reliability and trust. It is manufactured at our Urea plant in Kota that has a production capacity of 379,500 TPA. The Ammonia Urea complex comprises of a Urea plant based on Stamicarbon technology and an equivalent Ammonia plant based on Haldor Topsoe’s technology.In line with our intent to continuously adopt better manufacturing practices and feedstock options, we have converted the plant into dual feed. The feedstock of our plant was changed in 2007 from Naphtha to Natural Gas.From 2008, we have been operating fully on gas and continue to manufacture premium quality Urea in an efficient and environment friendly manner, consistently winning awards for productivity, environment protection and safety.