Talent Management

The Company has been on an on-going basis laying emphasis on People, Organisation and Leadership Development. It has entailed putting in place a robust plan, structure, strategy and process around Talent and Leadership Development.

The Talent Development strategy at DCM Shriram is to create a framework and process for identifying, developing and retaining people who demonstrate the attitude, capability and potential to make a significant difference to the current and future performance of the company. It's about building an in-house talent & leadership pipeline for the future. Most of the businesses and functions today are headed by home-grown leaders.

A structured approach to the identification and grooming of internal talent exists in the organization. Individuals are identified based on a robust performance and potential assessment process, along with an Individual Development Program / Centre which is run by an external consultant. This is then followed up by a structured process of a customised Individual Development Plan (IDP) so that the individuals could then be put on various Career and Succession tracks. The IDPs are quite comprehensive and include focused initiatives and plans around Coaching, Mentoring, Counseling, Training & Development, Action learning projects / Cross functional teams, Job Rotations / Role changes and on-line Self-learning modules.

Along with the above, the Company has also put in place a structured Senior Management Development Process. This involves Leader as a Coach, workshops to build in-house coaching capability, application of Multi-rater feedback, followed by One-to-One feedback by external consultant and creation of a Senior Management Development Plan (SMDP) for each member of the leadership team. The SMDP encompasses coaching, training and other related programs as per the individual needs. As part of Organisation Development, various businesses and units go through periodic diagnostic studies to identify areas of strength and improvement. This involves surveys, studies, benchmarking activities, off-site meetings, brainstorming and various interactive sessions using internal and external resources / consultants.

The objective essentially is to strengthen the various renewal processes & systems in the Organisation, create opportunities for introspection and develop suitable programs that build and strengthen the overall Organisation Capability.