We are committed to continually improve occupational health & safety performance of the organization. We firmly believe that achieving and sustaining excellence in safety culture and performance depend more on our style of approach rather than the approach itself. We provide necessary support and encourage employees with safety tools and guidance empowering them with the skills and motivation to perform safely by following safe practices and safety systems. Our Kota complex have obtained five Star rating every year since 2005 after auditing by British Safety Council and also won prestigious “Sword of Honor Award”.

With a target of zero accidents, Companywide drive on awareness on prevention of incidents/ accidents is carried out regularly at all levels to engage employees through their active participation. To prevent occupational disease at the primary stage, employees’ medical check up is ensured at regular interval. Specific hazard exposure based medical check up is in place to identify the symptoms in the early stage and accordingly corrective/ preventive action implemented.

Safety training is a continuous process at DCM Shriram. As a policy all permanent employees are regularly provided basic safety training across the organisation. All employees of the company are encouraged to upgrade their knowledge and skills. The learning and training needs is shared between employees, their line managers and the HR function. All the company’s permanent employees, including women and those with disabilities are covered in the training cycles at the time of induction and later on through periodic class room or web-based modules on need base for skill up-gradation. In addition, special courses are organised on a need based for groups or selected employees, in diverse areas, depending upon requirement. The Contractors are mandated to provide skill and safety training to all contractual employees before deputing them on Company assignments and in addition, the Company provides safety training to contractual employees, wherever required.

Development of employees through internal & external training is one of the core values of the company. A well structured hardware/software is established at all plants. Accordingly focussed training on EHS is conducted at all our sites to generate awareness at all levels and contribution of employees on risk elimination, reduction and control. Exposure of employees to training on different aspects of operations has been a focus area reflecting our commitment towards development of our workforce. Yearly training calendar is prepared on the basis of input received from employees through need identification process. Regular in-house training is imparted by internal experts and also where required faculty is outsourced for in-house training or employees are deployed for external training. Employee Performance & career development review is an annual exercise across the organization.

While entering a relationship with all the vendors, suppliers, consultants and third parties in relation to their engagement with the Company EHS expectations and compliance is part of the contract agreements.