When was DCM Shriram incorporated?
DCM Shriram was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, as a Private Limited Company on 6th February, 1989 under the name and style of "DCM Engineering Industries Private Limited". The Company became a Public Limited Company on 18.9.1989 and the name of the Company was further changed to "DCM Industries Limited" by an amendment made to the Certificate of Incorporation dated 1st March, 1990. Again, the name of the Company was changed to "DCM Shriram Consolidated Limited" vide a fresh Certificate of Incorporation dated 20.07.1990. Thereafter, the name of the Company was changed to its present name i.e. "DCM Shriram Limited" vide a fresh Certificate of Incorporation dated 20.02.2014.
Which are the stock exchanges where DCM Shriram shares are listed and traded?
DCM Shriram shares are listed on BSE and National Exchanges.
What is the fiscal year that DCM Shriram follows?
DCM Shriram's fiscal year commences on 1st April and ends on 31st March.
What is the face value per share of DCM Shriram?
W.e.f. 18.10.2005, the face value of the shares has been sub-divided from Rs.10 each to Rs.2 each.
What is the dividend track record of DCM Shriram?
Year Rate of Dividend
1990-91 20%
1991-92 20%
1992-93 25%
1993-94 30%
1994-95 35%
1995-96 40%
1996-97 40%
1997-98 40%
1998-99 40%
1999-00 40%
2000-01 42.5%
2001-02 42.5%
2002-03 45%
2003-04 60%
2004-05 80%
2005-06 45%
2006-07 40%
2007-08 170%
2008-09 40%
2009-10 40%
2010-11 20%
2011-12 20%
2012-13 80%
2013-14 100%
2014-15 110%
2015-16 160%
2016-17 290%
Who is DCM Shriram registrar and transfer agent?
MCS Share Transfer Agent Limited.
Their office is located in New Delhi and the address is:
MCS Share Transfer Agent Limited,
F-65 Ist Floor,
Okhla Industrial Aarea, Phase I,
New Delhi - 110020.
When is the Annual Shareholders meeting held?
An annual general meeting is generally held in the month of August of every year. The last annual general meeting was held on 18th August, 2015.