DCM Shriram understands the need for maintaining right ecological balance and has planted trees in and around all its facilities. Over 75,000 tree saplings have been planted at Bharuch, covering 33 percent of the green belt over the last 12 years.A continued focus helped the company achieve a tree survival rate of 95 per cent.  Similarly over 5, 00,000 tree saplings have been planted – in the rocky terrain at Kota.

Initiated by DSCL Sugar, the Forest Department and Gram Sabhas, the Khushali Paryavaran initiative has taken firm root in its four locations, where as many as 150 panchvatis are involved in augmenting the area’s green cover. Communities led by volunteers have begun to plant saplings in the neighbourhood of  Sugar mills. Saplings of Bargad, Peepul, Aonia, Sita Ashoka and Bilva that come from Forest Department nurseries are growing into life saving trees for the next generation.

DCM Shriram is countering the dearth of water in arid terrains near Kota, Rajasthan, through the digging of bore wells, installation of submersible pumps & construction of water storage tanks.  Around the Sugar Mills, the company has helped in financing more than 650 bore wells. Drip Irrigation technology is promoted by the company in the villages which are in the vicinity of its Sugar Factories. The Company has also facilitated supply of drinking water and animal feed to some of the drought hit villages of Rajasthan. DCM Shriram is supporting the repair and maintenance of Kota right main canal and associated anicuts. This activity helps in saving precious water for irrigation and drinking purposes.

DCM Shriram’s man-made water harvesting based reservoir is spread over 50 acres at Kota and accommodates 4.5lac cubic metres of water, enough to provide for 21 days of production.  In Bharuch, located in water-starved Gujarat, the company’s start of art water collection and harvesting system holds 20,000 cubic metres that is effectively deployed at its caustic soda plant.

Bio Control Lab has been set in Rupapur sugar unit of the company in Uttar Pradesh. This lab is assisting farmers in controlling/checking pest attacks through cultivating and releasing parasitoids that control plant pests and helping in improving the ecological balance.