Energy Conservation

We continuously strive to optimize the use of energy in all operations and energy conservation is a key component of our strategy to improve environmental performance, cost competitiveness and long term profitability. We firmly believe that energy management is the key to sustainable development and environmental improvement.

The energy conservation objectives are achieved by adopting following proactive approaches:

  • Improve energy consumption within organization through training and education.
  • Reduce energy consumption through better process control, maintenance and regular energy audits
  • Promote more efficient and environment-friendly energy sources and energy usage methods.
  • Promote energy conservation as one of the ways of improving environment and waste minimization
  • Incorporate modern energy efficient design concepts, equipment and practices during planning stages of new projects

In Fertilizer plant, over the years, there has been a considerable reduction in energy consumption. The conversion of Ammonia plant from Naphtha to Natural gas in fertilizer plant has resulted in reduction of CO2 emission by 70,000 tons per annum.

The coal is received in rakes through rail transportation reducing road transportation thereby impacting positively on climate change mitigation. Furthermore, majority of the Urea & Cement are also transported through rail transportation. One of the key raw material for Urea plant is Natural Gas which is transported through pipeline by Service Provider (GAIL).

Energy consumption during usage by consumers for running air conditioners and similar appliances reduces substantially with UPVC windows/doors. As per “Energy Star (USA)” 25% to 50% of energy loss is through fenestration by air leakage, conduction and radiation. UPVC doors and windows are energy efficient minimizing energy loss due to fenestration, and helps reduce energy bills by almost 7%-15%.In addition, at Extrusion stage, waste generated is approx. 5 to 6% which crushed, grounded and recycled into raw material for extruding profiles to utilize the waste gainfully reducing environmental impact.

Tree plantation and green belt development is undertaken in and around operating units. Studies are undertaken periodically to assess impact of operations on environment and biodiversity. As part of commitment towards conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity in the business operations, the Company is signatory of India Business Biodiversity Initiative (IBBI) by CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD) and supported by Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC). During the year, Biodiversity studies conducted by an external agency at two of the manufacturing sites maintaining healthy environment around the sites making habitable area for birds, animals & other species and plants. Use of biomass for captive co-generation of power and steam is yet another initiative undertaken to mitigate global warming.

In addition to above, employees are encouraged to use Video conferencing and Teleconferencing to reduce travel to reduce GHG emission. Furthermore, campaigns to save energy, water, paper and reduce waste are also regularly organized to raise awareness across all levels of employees.