Development Opportunities

The Company has a focused effort on upgrading skills and competencies of its employees to improve their effectiveness in their current role and responsibilities and prepare them to deal with the complexities of business challenges and growth.

A fairly institutionalized Training and Development system has evolved in DCM Shriram, over the years. Annual Training calendars are drawn out- which is preceded by a thorough training needs analysis (against an identified set of skills and competencies- for all roles in the organization). Trainings on Technical, Functional and Behavioral skills are conducted, both in house and by external agencies, and professional training consultants of repute. Self- nomination for relevant trainings is encouraged, as a part of an individual’s self- development initiative.

Along with membership of professional bodies, employees are nominated to external programs, seminars and conferences- domestic and international, to get a first hand perspective and knowledge of various industry initiatives and market developments.

The leadership and others members of the management team have attended programs at reputed business schools and institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Michigan, Wharton, IMD, Darden, ISB, IIMs and the like.